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DistinctConnect Pty Ltd specialises in providing ‘sole agent’ recruitment services to Australian IT&T corporate employers.  As a boutique agency with low overheads and no "dead"  management we are able to provide an excellent personalised service, charge 10% for  recruitment engagements and provide a six month replacement guarantee for exclusive engagements.


When clients elect to engage DistinctConnect , we guarantee service, focus and professionalism. The primary benefit to our clients is the delivery of a shortlist of consistently high calibre candidates.


DistincConnect extensive recruitment industry knowledge and experience ensures that we bring speed, accuracy and consistency to the hiring process. We also draw upon a large candidate network built over many years of IT&T recruitment consulting.



"I have known Adele for a number of years and have used her services to recruit at a very senior level including the roles of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer of a Public Company. Adele's skill in choosing not only the right people for the company which has since grown substantially but choosing the right fit for people who need to work together closely was excellent. She interviewed a large number of candidates for the CEO role and knew immediately when she had met the right one. We were able to fill the CIO role with the presentation of one candidate from Adele from her having met the candidate three month's previously. I would have no hesitation in recommending Adele for her ability to fill senior roles with candidates of the highest calibre."

Glenn Downey, Executive Director, The Maltby Group.


DistinctConnect Pty Ltd |Contact Us Online | Tel +61 (0)413 237 111

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